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Howdy! Scroll down to listen to Winder's latest recordings.

My good buddy Art Massey has been nudging me to record for some time now. This is the result. 

All blame for this, therefore, belongs to Art.

My somewhat insane idea was to record 42 songs in a single 4-hour live session. The voice and guitar were recorded simultaneously with no playbacks between takes. 

Included here are 23 of the 36 I actually attempted.

They are not perfect. Some are more cringeworthy than others, but they all offer, I believe, enough good to be included.
This is phase one. Next will be recording with our band “Rocky Bottom”.

This is a labor of love and great fun. Stay tuned for new recordings!

Wishing you only love, Winder

If you are inspired to help with this project - we thank you! Please consider supporting this very worthy cause... Keep A Breast Foundation. For more information, go here.

Download Disc 1 and Disc 2 or listen to the individual songs below.


Original song authors are in ()

Golden Woods is an original. The verses are written as Haiku: the Japanese poetic form using 17 syllables per poem, arranged in 3 lines as 5-7-5.